Which marketing strategy pairs with your industry?

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Which marketing strategy pairs with your industry?

Social media marketing is proven to be very essential today more than ever. Your audience, either customers or other businesses are spending most of their time on smart phones.
Have you noticed, less and less business travellers do not carry a laptop when traveling any more, smart phones have become your complete office on the go. How cool is that? 

So, that is exactly why your business should be in there as well!

Yet, is your business all prepared? Do you follow technology trends? and How do you keep your finger on the pulse of emerging tech?

Responsive Website: Is your website designed to look good on all devices desktop, mobiles and tablets?

Create an App: Would you consider building your own company application? An app that will be downloaded and accessible without an Internet connection.

Business Page: Your personal profile should be separated from your company page. Where your content should be focused on business development.

News Release: Spread the word about new features, company changing, new additions etc. on at least weekly basic.

Shout Out: Welcome new customers, take pride on new challenges, its process and the finished products.

Customer Service: Listen carefully to what your audience have to say, take notes for improvement, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to use this exposure in favour of growth.

Portfolio: Collect records that reflects your skills, show off your best work.

Contact: Be very clear on how can one reach you locally and/or online. What is the best way to communicate with your business?

Strong Simple Message: Send out a clear message on what is your value? Why should they hire you? Simple words that describes what do you do?

Now, tell me what is your story? What do you do?

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